1893 Smuggler Mention

Extract from

The History and Antiquities of the Diocese of


by J. Fahey, D.D. V.G.

When the commerce of Galway began to decline, in the early part of the
Eighteenth Century, an illicit commerce with Kinvara and the surrounding
districts sprung up, and continued for a considerable time. And if the
efforts and enterprise of the “smuggler” be ever dangerous, yet all the
circumstances of the time to which we refer seemed to recommend them to
popular favor.

It is certain that the illicit importation of wines, tobacco, and
brandy to the Kinvara coast, towards the close of the last centuries,
secured for Kinvara considerable notoriety, and with it a dangerous but
profitable trade. The charmingly situated cottage which overlooks the
harbor, and is the Presbytery, was then the residence of “Captain de
Lemaine”. As current rumor had it, the “Captain” was familiar with the
character and value of the mysterious cargos which frequently arrived from
abroad. And it was admitted that the excellence of the Bordeaux brandy and
tobacco which his extensive vaults contained, could not be easily

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