1783 Delamain Lodge Auction Notice

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[VOL. XXXIV] MONDAY, March 25, 1793 [NUMB. 24]

To be SOLD by AUCTION on Thursday the 4th day of April next, a New HOUSE pleasantly situated; within a few Yards West of Kinvara, with Stabling for Four Horses, and other Offices; the House consists of Two Parlours, 15 by 17 Feet; a Hall, 10 by 15 Feet; Four Bed-chambers; Two Rooms for Servants, with Kitchen, Pantry, Dairy, Cellar, and Scullery — The House being Finished in the best manner, with Grates and other fixtures, must make it a desirable Situation for a Watering Lodge, there being a Bathing House and Strand close to the Gate entering the Lawn — The above Concerns are particularly well adapted for any Person willing to carry on Business, as there is a Salt House with two New large Pans, Cisterns, Pump, and every Fixture necessary for carrying on said Business; it has the further advantage of having a complete Quay, close to the Works, where the Fuel can be Landed; there is also about 50 Tons of choice Rock Salt which, with the Salt Pans, will be Sold, with or without the House; also a Variety of Household Furniture. March 25, 1793